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Top tips to protect under 5’s online

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Here are 8 top tips you can put in place to help keep your children safe online while using devices:

As more and more children start to access the internet at an earlier age, we’re focusing on sharing tips and resources with families we support to ensure their little ones stay safe online.

1. Enjoy online together

The best way to protect children online and understand their internet use, is to use technology and the internet together. Explore games and apps together, teaching one another how to play while checking out the settings.

2. Set boundaries

Establish your expectations with technology use and online activities such as creating a family agreement on time spent online, where devices can be used and what to do if something upsets them online.

3. Supervise your child’s use

Be there as they’re online in case they stumble across something that could upset or confuse them, that way you can be there to support them or answer any questions.

4. Balance online and offline

While your child may enjoy using a device and going online, make sure they’re spending enough time for offline activities by setting time limits or removing devices from their room at night.

5. Use parental controls

These can be used on your home internet, devices and online services to prevent your child from accessing content that isn’t appropriate for their age or understanding through a password.

6. Start the conversation early

Teach your child about staying safe online as early as possible so they can establish positive routines.

7. Choose age appropriate apps and games

Check the age rating of any apps or games your child is accessing before they use it to avoid them seeing or engaging with things that they may not understand or upset them.

8. Know where to report

Many sites will have help centres or moderation services that reports can be made through. If you’re ever worried about someone who contacts your child online, you can also report them to CEOP via www.ceop.police.uk

For more detailed top tips, read Childnet and UK Safer Internet Centre’s safety leaflet by clicking here: Keeping Under Fives Safe Online


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