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We provide a warm, welcoming environment where your children can develop and grow with support and care from our passionate, dedicated and committed team.
boy playing inside a toy car at centre 56
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Equality and Diversity

Everyone is always welcome

We welcome ALL children and their families at Centre 56 and children enjoy learning about our own and other people's cultures and beliefs. We teach children to respect all cultures, religions, faiths and beliefs.


Food and snacks

Children are provided with a healthy and balanced range of meals and snacks. The children also grow their own vegetables in our allotment area, to learn about where food comes from and to encourage healthy choices. All dietary, religious and cultural requirements will be respected.
child playing with toy food at centre 56


Creating confident learners

The nursery adheres to Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory guidance. We provide a range of activities that support your child to develop across all seven areas of learning.
Communication and language
Physical development
Personal, social and emotional development
Develop their knowledge in early literacy and mathematics
Understanding the world
Expressive arts and design

Equality and Diversity

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

We strongly believe that all children deserve and have the right to equality of opportunities, regardless of any additional needs and or disabilities. We will endeavour to make any necessary changes or adaptions that are reasonable and practical, to ensure that all children are welcome at Centre 56.
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Ofsted Report

Rated 'Good'

At our last Ofsted inspection in April 2023, our nursery and after-school provision maintained its ‘Good’ rating:

“Children have secure and trusting bonds with the staff, who show an abundance of love and affection for the children that they care for.”


Our curriculum aims

Develop language acquisition and expand their vocabulary in order to become confident and effective communicators
Extend their understanding in personal, social and emotional development, in order to become resilient and self-assured learners
Be taught to manage their feelings and behaviour in a range of situations
Develop their knowledge in early literacy and mathematics
Acquire a range of key physical skills using both fine and gross motor movements
Develop their understanding of how to achieve a healthy body and healthy mind
Acquire a range of key creative skills through imaginative play, song, and dance and by exploring various media and materials
Explore the world around them and deepen their understanding of living things, their environment and people and communities
Experience a curriculum immersed in story, songs, rhymes, and literature
Begin to transfer their learning (taught skills) into their daily lives both indoors and outside

Staff to child ratio

In safe hands

Our highly experienced and qualified staff are trained to support families and children who have been affected by domestic abuse or a crisis situation. We provide a safe and secure environment that helps children flourish.

Our staff to child ratio is 1:4 for two to three year olds and 1:8 for three to four year olds as a minimum


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