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Our nursery provides specialist support for children who have witnessed or experienced domestic abuse or who have lived or are living in a crisis situation, with care tailored to each child.
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Domestic abuse

Children must meet the following criteria to access a place in our nursery.

Children currently living in a refuge or other temporary accommodation due to domestic abuse.

Children living in a family where there is current domestic abuse or where there has been domestic abuse.

Other children from families that have experienced domestic abuse.

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Family crisis

Children must meet the following criteria to access a place in our nursery.

Children providing care for a family member/s.

Refugee or asylum seekers.

Children who are or were a Child in Need, on the Child Protection Register or a Looked After Child.

Children who have experienced bereavement.

Children who have a parent or sibling in prison.

Children with a parent(s) or carer(s) who is receiving support for mental health problems or addiction.

If we have more applications than places, this criteria (in the above order) will be used to prioritise places.

Other circumstances may be considered. If you do not qualify for a place at nursery but feel that your child would benefit from attending, please contact us.

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When applying for a place at our nursery, you will be asked to provide contact details of someone who knows you and your family in a professional capacity and can confirm that you meet our criteria.

To register for a place at our nursery contact us by telephone, email or our contact form and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.


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