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Centre 56 is a domestic abuse charity in the heart of North Liverpool. We put the children first. We provide childcare, information and support for families and children who have suffered, or are at risk of domestic abuse or a crisis situation.
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Why we're here

We want a world where every family member feels safe and secure. Where families have food on the table in warm homes, without the fear of violence

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Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse can take many forms and can be physical, mental, emotional, financial or sexual. Most children who live with domestic abuse know it is happening and are affected by it.

We understand this and are here to support anyone who has experienced any form of domestic abuse, both adults and children.


Crisis situations

We’re here to make sure families have the basic items that we should all have – food, warmth and shelter.

According to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, more that one in five people in the UK are in poverty. This is around 14.5 million people and includes 4.3 million children.

Liverpool Council ranks Liverpool as the 3rd most deprived local authority out of 317 English local authorities, with 23,664 children living in low income families and 33,672 households living in fuel poverty.

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Reported domestic abuse

According to the Office of National Statistics, police recorded instances of domestic-abuse related crime in the UK between April 202 and March 2021, an increase of 6% the previous year. Demand for domestic abuse helplines increased by 22%.

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If you have any questions or queries a member of staff will always be happy to help. Feel free to contact us by telephone, email or our contact form and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.


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