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There are lots of different ways to raise money and every penny you raise will make a real difference to the lives of families we support.
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Fundraising tips

Our top tips

Being organised will ensure the success of your fundraising, regardless of what you have pledged to do to support us. From a sponsored run to a cake sale, coffee morning to race night, own clothes day in school to a school production, whatever you choose, let us know and we’ll send you everything you need to get started.

Large events are always best and great ways to raise money, but smaller and simpler acts can still make big impact. From making coffee for your colleagues and charging £1… it all adds up!

Start by making a list of what you require and what needs to be done, then plan times of when each step must be completed by. Make note of who you will ask to get involved or help.

If you are doing a sponsored event or activity like a swim, run, cycle etc, remember to get your forms out in plenty of time. Enlist the support of family, friends and colleagues!

Are there any upfront expenses? Make sure you know that your event will be profitable for the cause you’re raising money for. Costs could be claimed back out of what you raise, but you cannot give yourself a fee. Remember, your cause can advise further on legislation.

Social media, local press, emails at work, posters… if people don’t know about it, how will it be successful? Be sure to spread the word to encourage people to get involved in your fundraising!

Get in touch with us to tell us what you’re planning and when so we can make sure that you have all you need and so we can celebrate your efforts with our supporters. Contact us at fundraising@regenda.org.uk 

Whenever you publicise your fundraising on social media, be sure to tag us in your post.

The health and safety of all our supporters is a priority. Please make sure that whatever you’re doing to help raise money for our cause that you do it safely and legally. 

Some things to consider: 

  • Permission- If you’re holding an event in a public place, you must get permission first. This might be from the local authority or property owner. 

  • Photos and videos- If you plan to take photos or videos of other people during your fundraising, please make them aware. 

  • Insurance- If your event involves the public, it’s likely that you will need to have Public Liability Insurance. If you’re hiring a venue then check whether they already have this. 

If you have any more questions about keeping your fundraising safe and legal then please get in touch. We’re here at every turn to provide help and the information you need. Contact us at fundraising@regenda.org.uk 

Don’t forget to remind yourself that the effort you’re putting in to raise funds for us will make a difference to the lives people who have experienced domestic abuse.

Have any questions? Call us on: 0151 727 1355


Recognising every opportunity

Thinking like a fundraiser means recognising that everyone can help. You just need to identify who and how.

The sooner you realise how someone can help, the more confident you’ll feel to ask them for support and in turn, the better the outcome of your fundraising will be.

Here are some ways that individuals can support you in your fundraising:


If a person is unable to help with a donation of cash or goods, then they may be able to offer their time. For example, helping you with organising an event, answering calls and emails, packing bags alongside you, baking cakes to save your time. Their time is just as valuable as a physical donation.


Individuals might be able to support your fundraising through donations – both monetary or goods. Even if they were to donate old clothing or treasures for you to sell on and raise money through. Every penny counts and can help to make a difference.


If people can’t donate time or treasure, then maybe they could share their talent. Are they good at something that could help your fundraising? Cooking? Party planning? Writing or design? Try to get them involved by sharing what they are good at. Community is key, and we all have something to offer.


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