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Thank you for choosing to support Centre 56. There are lots of ways to support the work that we do.
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How your donations help

Centre 56 is a charity and relies on fundraising and donations so we can support the children and families that use our services.
A week to provide meals for a child
A day to run Centre 56
A week in catering costs
Can buy art and craft materials


Ways to donate

It's easy to support us. You can donate to Centre 56 with a one-off donation or regular Direct Debit contributions via:

Donations payment

Donate via text

You will be charged your donation amount, plus your standard message rate.

One-off payment

  • SAFE to 70450 £5
  • SAFE 10 to 70450 £10
  • SAFE 20 to 70450 £20
  • SAFE 30 to 70450 £30
  • SAFE 40 to 70450 £40
  • SAFE 50 to 70450 £50

Monthly payment

  • HELP to 70450 £2 per month
  • HELP 10 to 70450 £10 per month
  • HELP 20 to 70450 £20 per month
  • HELP 30 to 70450 £30 per month
  • HELP 40 to 70450 £40 per month
  • HELP 50 to 70450 £50 per month

You can stop your monthly donation by texting ‘STOP’ to 70490.


Donate goods

We’re always in need of good quality items for children and families, from clothes to toys, books to toiletries. We will either give your donations to families in need or will use them to support families in other ways (such as at our nursery or after-school provision). If you have items to donate, please contact us and we’ll arrange to get these from you.
women putting clothes into a box ready to be donated

Cheque payments to: Centre 56, The Foundry, 42 Henry Street, Liverpool, L1 5AY

Contact us

What are you waiting for?

If you have any questions or queries a member of staff will always be happy to help. Feel free to contact us by telephone, email or our contact form and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.


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