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Keeping our little ones’ smiles happy and healthy

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We’re on a mission to make sure the smiles of the children we support stay happy and healthy!

That’s why we introduced a dental health programme at our nursery and afterschool, supplying all children with their own toothbrush and encouraging them to brush their teeth after meals.

We also regularly teach the children about the importance of dental hygiene, as well as brushing techniques, how long to brush for (two minutes, twice a day!), the names of different teeth and unhealthy foods that can affect them.

Oral health is not as good as it could be in our local area, but together we can change this to make sure our little ones know how to look after their teeth and gums.

As part of our dental health programme, we would like to encourage all parents and carers to register with a dentist if you haven’t already and take your child along for a check-up.

Visit the NHS website to find a dentist near you: www.nhs.uk/service-search/find-a-dentist/results/L4

Or below you’ll find a list of contact details for local dentists in our surrounding area:

Walton Rd Dental Practice
63 Walton Rd, L4 4AF
0151 207 1525

Hale Rd Dental Practice
Hale Rd, L4 3RL
0151 523 3221

One 20 Dental
120 Queens Drive, L4 6SJ
0151 525 2992

Queens Drive Dental Surgery
60 Queens Drive
Walton, L4 6SJ
0151 525 3231

My Dentist
Priory Rd
Anfield, L4 2RT
0151 263 6414

County Rd Dental
158-160 County Rd, L4 5PH
0151 521 3515

Walton Hall Dental Practice
Walton Hall Avenue, L4 6UD
0151 525 3498

Broadway Dental Practice
107 Townsend Lane, L11 8NB
0151 226 1435

Rice Lane Dental Care
316 Rice Lane, L9 2BL
0151 525 3598

My Dentist
200 Stanley Rd, Bootle L20 3EN
0151 922 1652

Vauxhall Dental Care
Limekiln Lane, L5 8XR
0151 295 3770

Dental Lab
120 Knowsley Rd, L20 4NR
0151 933 1888


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