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This month’s theme: animals

Little girl petting a goat

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Children in our nursery and afterschool are tackling all things animals this month!

We will be getting creative making animal prints and masks of our favourite animals. There will also be a lot of sensory play, with games of animal sound bingo and an animal treasure hunt. We’ll still be doing some maths, too, creating graphs of all the children’s favourite animals! We’re thinking of futures for the children, getting them involved veterinary role play.

The theme doesn’t end in our nursery, children will be going on a trip to Chester Zoo on Tuesday 7th February, seeing everything they’ve learnt in the flesh.

The following week is the start of our holiday club. With the help of Eat to Meet, our children will be able to take part in a programme of activities throughout half term. A trip to Air Unlimited is also included in the programme!

We’ll be marking the end of the week with a visit from The Reader who will be delivering a training session for our staff. The aim of the session will be to teach our staff to be the best story tellers they can be.

The Reader will be sticking around, delivering ‘Stories for You and Yours’, a three-week workshop available to parents and carers who fancy themselves as storytellers. The sessions will grow confidence in storytelling and develop a life-long love of reading for both carers and children.

We continue to be here for any family who needs support.

You can reach a member of our team on 0151 727 1355

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