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This month’s theme: Summer (and school!)

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We’re tackling not one but two themes in our nursery this month. Our first one is summer, as we gear up to get our little ones out enjoying the sunshine.

As school approaches in September, we will also be focussing on school, and our word of the month is uniform. We’ll even be trying on lots of different uniforms to get them prepared! Our little ones will enjoy visits to their new schools and meet their teachers all ready to start school in September.

The book we’ll be reading is Anna Lienas’ ‘The Colour Monster Goes to School,’ to support the childrens’ communication, language development and give them a taste of what to expect in September.

We’ll be focusing on counting to ten in numeracy and scribing their names all ready to make the leap to big school.

For our summer theme, we’ll be looking at shadows and creating our own shadow paintings, making ice lollies and getting messy with lots of craft and painting tasks to represent their favourite summer days out.

Some key dates for your calendar include parents’ evenings commencing on 10th July.

Our graduation will take place on 20th July before our nursery and afterschool club closes for the summer on 21st July.

A week later on 28th July we’ll open our doors to our whole community for our family fun day.

From 24th July, holiday club will reopen and will run until schools restart on 30th August.

Our team are here to support you throughout and can be contacted throughout the week via phone on 0151 727 1355 or via email at hello@centre56.org.uk.

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