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This month’s theme: Communication

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The month began with all of our children taking part in a WellComm assessment, measuring their level of understanding and use of language. Staff will give feedback to parents regarding children’s outcomes in the upcoming parents’ evenings. We love having this opportunity to share every child’s progress and let every part of the family share the joy the child experiences in our nursery or after school club.

The second week of this month saw the second launch of our communication classes. Working with Fountains, Vauxhall, County and Walton Children’s Centre, we are proud to offer this six-week course which aims to help children (with the input from their families) with their speech and language development.

Sticking with the communication theme, the educational focus this month has been nursery rhymes. This theme has given the children so many opportunities to be creative, but all with practical aims towards their speaking, listening reading and writing abilities.

We have created our own playdough disco, which will develop the muscles in children’s hands in preparation for early writing. Children have been singing their favourite nursery rhymes to develop their communication, language, and literacy skills to accompany playdough figures.

While literacy has been our focus, we have not neglected our number skills. The children have made graphs of the most popular nursery rhyme and lots more!

We can’t wait to communicate this all to you on our parents’ evening on 22nd November 2022.

We have so much fun developing skills in our nursery for the children to take into primary school. If your child should be starting school in September, register for your place today to avoid missing out on your first choice, local schools. Find out more here: School admissions – Liverpool City Council


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