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This month’s theme: Minibeasts

children and adults playing outside in autumn with twigs and branches

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Our little ones will be delving deep in nature this month as our nursery theme is minibeasts!

In maths, our children will focus on their counting, from ladybird spots to caterpillar legs. We’ll be reading and singing for our literacy, including our book of the month: ‘Twist and Hop It’s the Minibeast Hop.’ Invertebrate is our word of the month, so we’ll be encouraging the little ones to use that in their language!

As always, there will be plenty of time to get creative with our theme. Little ones will take part in insect pebble painting, bug hotel building and recreating the movements of minibeasts.

We’ll be observing Child Safety Week (week beginning Monday 5th June) as children will watch Frances the Firefly informing about the dangers of fire.

ZooLab will be making a visit to the nursery on Monday 5th June giving the children the opportunity to get up close and personal with the creatures they’ve been learning about!

We’ll have exciting other visits from Dramatic Recovery – promoting positive mental health through art and drama for the children at Holiday Club.

Our friends from The Women’s Organisation will also be back in our nursery on Tuesday 13th June for the final ‘Money and Me’ session.

As always, our coffee mornings are running every Wednesday from 9.30am- 11.30am for any of our parents, carers or supporters seeking help, guidance, or just a brew and a chat.

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