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Not all stories end in a happy way…fortunately mine did

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I started going to Centre 56 in early 2020 when my son joined their after school club. At that time, I was pregnant with no income and unable to claim benefits.

Just imagine – a single mom with no income, a child and another baby on the way, almost on the verge of losing our home as I was unable to pay the rent. The little money people gave me I was used to top up electricity and gas and buy some food. There were days I wouldn’t eat until my son came back from school so we would have enough to eat on that day. I wouldn’t turn the heating on until my son came home, so I could make sure we had enough electricity to have a hot shower.

When lockdown hit, I was so tired and hopeless that I had to open up to one of the staff at Centre 56.

As soon as centre 56 heard about my situation, my life changed. Every week, I had food on the table. Every week, I had electricity and gas in the house. They gave me games and clothes for my son and baby. And last but not least, they arranged a fantastic lawyer for me, who helped appeal my eviction notice. Thanks to the help of Centre 56, I had the strength to show people that I can do whatever I want to do. In September 2020, I started college. The following month, I got a job and I’m not studying to be a social worker.

I just want to tell any woman out there – never lose hope. The day you sit down and feel sorry for yourself is the day that you die inside. Always stand for yourself and your children first. Life it’s not easy, but we can make it better.

I will forever be grateful to all the staff at Centre 56❤️


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